uPVC Ventilator

Like the traditional ventilators, uPVC ventilators are available in both fixed and openable designs for domestic and commercial usages. Principally designed for natural ventilation applications. uPVC ventilators are much more durable than the regular ventilators.

Features & Benefits

Is easy to use and maintain.
Looks aesthetically pleasing.
Offers an unobstructed view.
Is available in multiple size options.
Doesn’t come with a fly mesh provision.
Eases cleaning for the outside surface of glass.
Allows more air to enter the window compared to a sliding.
Locks at several points across the door for security and better sealing.
Discards the need for window stoppers because friction hinges stay open at any angle in high-speed winds.

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2 Track uPVC Casement Window          l          2.5 Track uPVC Casement Window          l           3 Track uPVC Casement Window

Available Colors

Mahogany, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Light Oak, Red Lam, Grey and Cream


Recommended for

Bedrooms, Kitchen, Study rooms, Bathrooms and AC Rooms